Hurricane Servers .list files

Hurricane Server supports several .list files which can be used to tweak Hurricane Servers behavior. These files can be placed in the global config directory:

  • bouncesignatures.list
  • optimizations.list
    • [Response Regex] | [retry interval]
  • deliverystatuscodes.list
    The deliverystatuscodes.list file is used for two purposes.
    • To control how Hurricane Server reports failures (as temporary or permanent) by the FailureType parameter of the OnFail() plugin event, and
    • To cause a server response to generate an alert. The file has three columns delimited by the "~*~" character combination. The first column is the
      [Response Regex]~*~[Temporary, Permanent, Default]~*~[Alert]

Updated 11 months ago

Hurricane Servers .list files

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